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Administrative Billing Solutions is pleased to announce that we now offer Virtual Assistant services to both medical and non-medical professions!†

Outsourcing your Virtual Assistant needs allows you to focus on the core functions of your business, while projecting a professional image via your VA.† Many of your administrative tasks can be met and handled by a remotely-located virtual assistant, which will save you time and expense in hiring, training, payroll & unemployment taxes, worker's compensation insurance, and office and equipment costs associated with providing workspace for an on-site employee.† We will drill-down to determine what functions you need your VA to serve, and find someone to work with you that can meet your needs.† Call or email today for additional information or to begin the VA process!

Personal Service from Professionals Who Care

At Administrative Billing Solutions, we believe the business side of healthcare should be an extension of the heart of medicineÖcaring.

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Not just for the patient, but for the provider. We care about you, your practice, your time, and your commitment to healing.

We believe you deserve more time to devote to the aspects of medicine you love most. And we are here to help.

Our billing professionals understand the headaches and frustration involved in dealing with insurance companies, claim denials, ever-changing codes. Thatís why we work with you, and for you, to customize a medical billing solution that fits your practice and your mission.

Our caring doesnít stop with you, the provider, though. Our dedicated professionals treat every patient as individuals, with respect and compassion. Giving you and your staff the peace of mind to know that patients will find a caring billing representative on the other end of the phone to answer their questions and assist them with concerns.

Because medical billing isnít just about paperwork. Itís about people. You, your staff, and your patients.

Administrative Billing Solutions, Inc., was SBCA's Best of Business 2009, Billing and Bookeeping Award winner.

2009 Best of Business Award

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